Andouille Sausage The Cajun Trinity meets the holiest borough. Pork, applewood smoke, cayenne.

Bratwurst Classic pork brat. Great on the grill or poached in beer.

Breakfast Links Jimmy Dean meets James Beard. Pork, fresh sage, local maple syrup

Chicken Apple Sausage Brunchable. Tart apples, toasted fennel seed, wine, pie spice

Chicken Chorizo Dark meat, smoked paprika, cayenne, red wine, funky spices

Chicken Garlic Sausage The flavors of a roasted chicken. Roasted garlic, lemon, white wine

Country Pate From the rolling hills of Sunset Park. Pork, pork liver, orange zest, ruby port, fresh herbs

Duck Fennel Sausage Hudson Valley Duck, fresh-ground fennel seed, garlic, ruby port, pomegranate molasses

Hickory-Smoked Bacon Nitrate-free, natural pork belly, warm spices

Hot Italian Sausage A throwback to the old neighborhood. Pork, chili, fennel, garlic, white wine

Lamb Merguez Sausage It's like magic. A sausage with heat, depth, and a great finish.

New York Style Hot Dogs All beef. The platonic ideal of a NYC dog.

Pastrami This is how we do in Brooklyn. Coriander crust, deep smoke, honey-brined

Smoked Beef Kielbasa A head-scratcher for Greenpoint butchers. Smoky, beefy, snappy, juicy

Smoked Maple-Bourbon Ham The centerpiece. Applewood smoke, boozy maple glaze

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A cure is a salt and spice mixture applied to meat to preserve it and make it delicious.
Charcuterie is a word that means deli or butcher. It is derived from the French term, char cuit, which means “cooked meat.”